The last time I wrote I felt like I was being drowned by circumstances and I really truly felt like it would never end. We were living in a house which had things crawling, creeping and oozing from every crack and cranny. The light at the end of the tunnel had all but vanished….However, things have changed!

I feel like I fell asleep on the 18th of October 2010 when we sold our original home and I woke up on the 16th of December 2011 when we moved in to this house. We left a draughty beach shack with cockroaches and ants and mold sprinkled with asbestos for a purpose built insulated home with climate control and nowhere for dust mites to thrive. We are finally home where we belong and our journey, as difficult as it was, actually made this end station so much sweeter to experience.

About a month prior to moving in, we had notes home from school warning parents about whooping-cough. I was concerned but didn’t feel there was too much to worry about as all mine are immunised against it. We plodded on, the house was in its end stages of building and there were other health issues happening. Had one child home every afternoon, early, because he won’t swim and the other was getting skin issues happening because of the swimming every day. Couldn’t win.

I was supposed to pack and be excited about the move yet here I was discovering cockroach plagues in the boxes I had already packed. I was meant to go to assemblies and meetings and I either forgot or couldn’t attend. It was mayhem, I even let go of my treasured Toastmasters because I simply couldn’t handle anything anymore. My basket was full,had anyone added another thing and I would have possibly cracked.

The feeling of guilt for having made the kids live in a small dirty house for over a year was so strong that everything anyone said felt like it was a personal attack.  My head was full of things I had to do and wanted to change so when anyone gave me any advice at all, it was too much.  Looking back on it, I can understand how I must have looked to others but I was living the pain, I couldn’t see the end, I wasn’t about to let anyone confirm my feelings.

When moving day finally came, I was so worried. I had clutter coming out of my ears and the last move was still fresh in my mind. That lot had come in and almost abused us for not being packed and clearing out the drawers. Every other moving company we had ever encountered before actually helped pack, it was quite disturbing to find out that they wouldn’t. Well, the company we asked to help out this time was absolutely faultless. A family team, he did all the heavy lifting with hubby and an offsider and she helped me pack as we went. No snide remarks on the side about how much stuff we have, no issues with chests of drawers still full, they were simply wonderful.
Because we moved on the last day of school, I missed the big assembly where Nathanael finally collected his two gold cards. It still hurts when I think about it. The first thing he said when he came home was “Mum, where were you?” and I almost sat and cried there and then. So proud of my little man!

Well, the old place was empty by inspection time and I had spent a few good hours scrubbing it from head to toe so I went to our home and Hubby took care of the inspection. Getting the call to ask where the keys were I had to tell her that Hubby is at the house waiting for her to come, she never checked that. We failed that round, the owners went through with the real-estate worker and they picked on absolutely everything, even things that were there before we moved in.
Long story short, I went back and scrubbed again, cleaned all the stuff they were not happy with and found new things which the little animals brought in while we were out. We had photos of the condition before we moved in and I took photos of the condition we left it in and when we failed the second inspection I decided to act.

Needless to say, we were in the right and we have all sorted now.

Within two days of moving in, Matthew’s skin crashed. He couldn’t walk straight, his joints were seizing up and the skin was weeping almost everywhere. As it was right on the silly season and we know what to do, we decided to fix it ourselves and take him to the GP after all the holidays. Muddling through, we did it, we saved him a trip to A&E at the local hospital. What was really amazing was the atmosphere in the house as all this drama was going on. It didn’t feel like a major issue, it felt like something we could control, something we could handle. It was calming and reassuring. The others were fine as they each had their own space to go to when things got a bit distressing and the pressure was off. Even after we took him to the GP and found out he has Whooping cough, things were not dramatic as we were safe in the knowledge that all four kids would be able to retreat to their rooms should they become sick of being under each other’s feet.

We have just under two weeks of school holidays left. We have not really gone anywhere or done anything. The kids are happy exploring boxes of things they had not seen for a year or two and they are earning pocket money 🙂 They get 5 cents for every cockroach they kill and they are loving it. We are the happiest we have been in many years and it has been a long time coming. I feel guilty for having such a huge burden lifted from my shoulders where there are friends of mine still struggling with life in general. I wish I could share this with all of you and I am so sorry I can’t.

 If I was to describe our lives now as compared to a month ago all I could muster would be a solitary “WOW!”

The kitchen cupboard we never used


With love & support,

Tarja Kelly



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