May Contain Traces Of…….!

I was a “couldn’t be so bad” and “she’ll be right mate” type of person and I didn’t even realise it for the longest time.  Sure, my boys were severely allergic to certain things but we were not going to cut back their diet even more just because “it may contain traces of…”.

Well! Last night, I went out. I have a meeting I attend quite regularly and between my husband and I we have a system worked out regarding dinner. The kids are treated to hot dogs and he has pies and all is well, usually….

Yesterday, I took the kids on a little trip. It is school holidays and they are quite a handful to entertain and had I kept them home, they would have eaten all the stores I had for the next three days.

On the way home, I realized what day it was and after a quick search in my mind I also remembered we had no dinner. Not wanting to take them to the shopping center and have them run wild with “I want’s” I went to the easy option, the local ALDI. It’s great, I shop there all the time. It is also handy because it is a single complex and you don’t have to walk the mall to get to its doors.

The kids picked their favorites and I didn’t mind. At 99 cents, could I really complain? I also grabbed the only type of hot dog they had and with a sigh of relief I found hot dog rolls as well. No complaints in store tonight when they have to eat hot dogs in normal bread LOL has happened, never you mind that.

That evening hubby made dinner and everything was fine until I came home an hour later. Matthew was still wrapped in his bandages, due to be changed that evening but he was complaining he was getting itchier. By the time I had changed my clothes and sat down, he was ripping his bandages off.

Now, I may seem cold-hearted and ignorant to observers here but I have had this for 8 years! He has been doing this for eight years, on and off.  He had done it before (the morning after) when he had eaten something with egg residue in it so I didn’t make an immediate connection last night. I was tired, hungry and dizzy and he was doing the “usual” spiel he has just before we change his bandages.

What was different last night? He destroyed his skin within 5 minutes!  Even daddy couldn’t soothe him with calming words as I got things ready. His arms looked like raw skinned meat and though there was blood, he was weeping clear liquid as well. I couldn’t get the fresh bandages on fast enough, he had ripped himself completely before anyone could act. After the bandages and antihistamines he eventually went to bed and slept well.

This morning, with a clear head and a heavy heart I retraced the night and to my horror found where I had slipped up in a major way. I went on the assumption that because the buns looked like the others we usually get, and the packet was almost identical, that the hot dog buns would be “safe”. They actually should have been safe BUT for the “May Contain Traces of Sesame”. Turns out that there WAS a trace of sesame and this is the result of it

I feel so stupid for not reading everything. I feel so slack for thinking that “It’ll be right” and traces couldn’t possibly be so bad. I feel sick that I could have been so reckless!

From now until forever, I am going to read all the warnings, and the ones I have to translate because this is not a trifling matter, it is life or death. Having been so vigilant with all the outside factors I need to also revisit the inside ones and re-acquaint myself with the “rules”.

May Contain Traces Of = Take heed and if in doubt DON’T eat!

With Love & Support,

Tarja Kelly



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