Are we really so strange?

A recent event reminded me of why I have started to really dislike speaking to “new” people in professional areas. I met with a psychiatrist regarding my youngest’s issues with food and water. This was upon recommendations from another specialist who feels it may aid with healing his phobias.

Talking to her was fine, but, the questions I was asked were taken so randomly and (to me) out of context I felt like cancelling all other appointments from there on.

For instance, I was quoting what someone had said years ago and the word “freak” was in that sentence. Imagine my surprize and horror when later in the questioning I was asked: “So this is how you see your children, as freaks?!”
NO! I do NOT and have NEVER seen my children as freaks! How dare she, now I have to watch every word so carefully and emphasise “Quote” before I utter another sentence.

I was recounting another experience when she said:” Well, you do have to understand,  when other kids come to visit…”

That threw me into a spin. She said when other kids visit…. when….

Even now it stings to say it, we don’t have other kids visit, ever. We have had children for 9+ years and we have not publicly announced we are hermits and do not welcome visitors but we may as well have.  We don’t have visitors. Simple as that. I can count on two fingers, how many kids have visited our house.

On the other hand, I can count on one finger, how many kids have visited a school friend or cousin’s house. My oldest has a very good friend and I am very good friends with his mother and he gets to visit there.  That’s it, nothing else. Mind, this has only come about in the last year or so.

The psychiatrist literally stared at me when I said we don’t get visitors. As it isn’t strange to me, I couldn’t possibly imagine what went through her head but I can guarantee you she thought I was telling porky pies.

Of course, the conversation took a very odd turn then. Lets just say, I am not looking forward to what stories my boy will tell her when he visits.

Now, I sit here wondering if we are strange……But! don’t take this as gospel, I am not saying we are strange!

With Love and Support

Tarja Kelly



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