It’s so cold!

Quite some time ago, somebody asked me, “They can’t sweat and don’t like the heat, so, what about when they are cold? Isn’t that good for them?”

That got me thinking, because my initial reaction used to be a straight yes. Used to be!

These days I would reply more along the lines of , “It’s a bit easier and it keeps the eczema under control but no, not really.”

Now of course, I can only go on what happens in my family, I am by no means an expert in this field. When it’s cold, it’s HORRIBLE!

Well, harder for me, the mum, anyway. Let me explain a “normal” cold morning…

I’m up at 7am, freezing already I layer on the clothes so I can function. As I leave the bed, I can feel my warmth leaching away from my core like smoke from a fire. By the time I wake up the boys, my hands are so cold I can hardly move them.

Sebastian first. All I can see is a small tuft of his now curly, white hair. Clever boy, he cocooned himself into his doona (fluffy bed cover) with the hot water bottle and used his breath to warm the little cave he created.

He feels the cold most. He has said it hurts him. When I bring him his school clothes he tucks them in with him in bed to make them warm before he puts them on. The clothes are, a school shirt, shorts, jumper, track suit pants, socks, gloves, jacket with hood and a beany. Only when they are al warm will he put them on and get up. I make him porridge and he’ll slowly get his core to warm up too.

He has told me he doesn’t like going to school when it’s cold. His reason made me smile because it seemed so silly, I knew however that to him it was a big deal and that he really didn’t like that aspect at all. “Mum, I don’t like it when it’s cold at school, I don’t get goosebumps and nobody believes me I’m cold”

Physically, how I can tell they are cold, there is a white glow all over. Sebastian and Nathanael almost look like porcelain. The eczema dries up and Matthew’s skin will look like parchment and is brittle and dry. The lips are darker, almost purple and it takes them an awfully long time to get moving. The food intake also changes quite dramatically. From the summer where food is just an inconvenience they have to sometimes pause for, it has changed to two loaves of bread a day and a warm breakfast for starters. The “big fat foods” are appealing now because they somehow stoke the fire in their bellies.

Nathanael is the only one who doesn’t eat to get warm. I am worried about him there. He will nibble at dinner but making him sit down is impossible. He stands behind his chair and hops, on one leg then the other, he runs away down the hall and comes back for another bite 🙂 He is a wriggler and a mover and a groover and it is the best table entertainment we have.

Now some might frown at this and say he’s got ADHD or some other thing that “Has to be Fixed!” but we all think it’s adorable and we all KNOW he doesn’t behave like this anywhere else because it would have come up in Teachers concerns. We know he does it to keep warm. It works too, you should feel him when he comes to sit on you later on 🙂

In the old house where we lived before, I used to set the heater to 24 degrees and leave it on until the boys moved normally. Then it would be off for the rest of the day. Here, we have no heating. The day stays bitterly cold inside this house. I have yet to feel warm and we start most mornings just hovering above 12 degrees celsius. What this does for the boys? Well, they have to start wearing clothes. Simple as that. I want to teach them to put on a shirt, maybe a jumper, when they are cold. Sebastian has “got it”, Matthew refuses to conform to it and Nathanael is finally wearing a shirt!

The unexpected hicough….Siobhan. She still dresses like the boys. She refuses to wear jumpers or long pants, she won’t copy me or daddy when we wear warm clothes. She is a kid and all kids wear what the boys wear, practically nothing.

I can tell we are in for a long time and I may yet break and get a little oil heater but until then, I will persevere and I will get Matthew to accept a jumper!

With love & support,

Tarja Kelly


2 Responses to “It’s so cold!”

  1. 1 Hari Kotrotsios 29/05/2011 at 12:01 pm

    Thanks for sharing Tarja! We don’t always realise how we take a lot of things for granted, such as staying warm!

  2. 2 Michele 29/05/2011 at 7:59 pm

    Thank you for sharing! What I would love to learn is how sweatglands aid in warming up the body?

    I highly recommend wheatbags that you can heat in the microwave in 2 mins! Don’t know how I would live without mine! (you could hand them one as soon as they leave their cocoon :))

    Just make sure they don’t cook it for longer or it will burn from the inside out. (No, I don’t know this from experience. Ok, maybe I do …)

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