The Holiday (part one)

We have never had a holiday “just because”. We’ve never ventured overnight without someone to see or meet at the destination. So when Hubby announced, out of the blue, he had intentions to book an overnight trip to sea world, my first reaction was “OH MY GOD!”.

We were about to take three boys who can’t sweat to a hot environment with many variables and unknowns. I was scared to say the least. Not so much because we were going but what would we do if one needed urgent assistance and suddenly another did too, that would leave two more in limbo. What can I say, Mothers worry.

“It’s ok,” he said, “We’ll have a hotel room and unlimited access to the theme park while we stay so when we need a break we can just go “home” and then back to the park later” As I had so many other worries on my mind I just said ok, you can do it if you like.

The kids were told a month earlier and before I knew it, “Mum, mum, it’s this weekend!” My head went into a spiral. I was trying to not get excited because we had three appointments to “survive” before we could head off. Matthew was particularly bad of because he and Nathanael had to stop taking antihistamines for two days before an appointment on Wednesday. I really didn’t think he would be able to come so I didn’t let myself think too far ahead.

And so the day came, we were leaving at 10am NSW time so we’d arrive around 10am QLD time 🙂 the wonders of time travel across the borders. I hadn’t packed as I was almost in denial that it’s happening. I gathered a shirt here and shorts there, I didn’t notice it was mostly pink as I shoved them into my suitcase.

The drive was fun, we have spots of interest the kids love to shout out as they see them. There were three short tunnels and then the super one under the runway at the airport where the GPS says “Signal lost” when we come back out. There’s also the precise time we go back in time one hour as we cross the border, always a good trick. Then we saw the rollercoaster and sightseeing was over.

Pulled in at the resort and checked in at about 10 ish Queensland time and got ready to go to the theme park. Our room would be ready at 2pm. All unnecessary items were placed back in the car and we went to the monorail station to wait for our ride. Nathanael was worried because he’d never been on one but he soon changed his tune. Siobhan couldn’t contain her smiles and both the boys were excited as well.

First thing we did was get the times for the shows. Then we visited the penguins. What a wonderful place they have! The weather in there was a balmy -1 degrees and I bet half the audience wished they could go in and cool down with them, I know we did.

The penguins were swimming and diving then we went up the ramp and saw them walking around on real snow while they chattered to each other. Quite magical.

We stopped for a quick pose under the main terminal sign so the kids would remember the name of it and then we had to walk, quite a long way, to the rides. That was difficult, no shade at all and people everywhere. So glad hubby is tall, I had no chance of losing him in the crowd.

All of the sudden…..Sesame street! The twins were in Elmo heaven. There was Zoe, Elmo, Cookie monster, big bird…all the gang.

We waited in the line for the helicopter ride and Nathanael faded fast. We had to wait three turns and the shade wasn’t too great at all. Lesson number one, take the water sprays.

   Thank goodness there was a water feature in the middle of the Sesame Street Beach, I was able to wet all their hats and they were set again. Because we had to wait so long for the ride, Sebastian went to the Jet Ski rescue ride with dad and Matthew just refused to move another inch. We met up and realised we missed the Pirate show for the day so we had some re-planning to do. We touched Stingrays and saw a real helicopter launch from the heli pad. We had another ride on the monorail and then we decided to go “home” to the room.

The resort was very nice indeed, all shiny and new. We were in a downstairs family room and it was nice and quiet there. Sebastian was wet, sopping wet, because he had been running in the water at the sesame street beach, and that was when I realized….I only had clothes for Siobhan!

I was set, I had my new skirt and a spare t-shirt, hubby had another two shirts and then I was in trouble. Two boys shirts and one pair of shorts. In a pinch, another two pairs of undies. Oh dear.

Lesson two, make sure I pack for everyone, not just two of us 🙂

Siobhan Nathanael, Sebastian and I went back to the park to ride the log ride. We stood in line for ages and ages and jsut as we were about to hop on, Nathanael decided it wasn’t for him. Thank goodness the girl who was in charge of the ride let him sit and wait for us on the steps behind her.

That ride was super cool acording to Siobhan, I had to promise we’d do it again the next day. We went back to the room and it was dinner time. Well, had I packed clothes we could have gone out to dinner at the resort. As it was, we had to go and find a maccas somewhere.

Soon it was time for bed and another adventure the next day. We settled the kids in bed and relaxed on our side of the room for a while before lights were out for us as well.

(to be continued……)

With Love and Support,

Tarja Kelly



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