Have you tried…………..?

Well, have I ever tried. Let me see, where’s my list? I have tried to list the creams, potions, lotions, tablets, powders, plants, fruit, even animals we have tried on the boys eczema over the 7 years I have been dealing with it but so far I have not been able to write it down. Reasons are many and varied but here’s one right now. I was writing and ready to go and gather all the creams we had ever used and now I am sitting here in disbelief, looking at live footage of a major earthquake in Christchurch NZ.

Other reasons are not so huge, it can be I haven’t got the pen and paper handy, it can also be an immediate “No way, never again” and that cream is burned into the permanent memory.

Sorbolene, there are so many variations but I can guarantee they are all paraffin based. They can only be used VERY sparingly as Matthew reacts to paraffin.

I can’t list all the things we have used now, I am hard pressed to remember all the names as I write. I can tell what we used when someone prompts me with the question “Have you tried…?”  and then I may have a recollection of the experience with it.

It’s the next question I usually dread. The “Well, what happened that you won’t use it again?” Let me see…..hmmm, can I say “He didn’t like it” and leave it at that? Unfortunately not. It would seem that most people would like a better explanation of my “no” than that.

It took a lot of gumption for the person to come up to me, a total stranger and offer their advice on skin care and give their family’s secret potion to us. I can’t just “let them down” with a no, it doesn’t work. Because, it had worked for them, it was the lotion or potion which ended their relatives/ child’s suffering, I may just be a dismissive person who doesn’t appreciate their advice and obvious knowledge of that product. I can’t really stand there and explain what he does when there is a new cream about to be tested. Matthew gets really distressed, some times I can’t even go near him with a new product. He will and has damaged himself more when a cream was applied without his consent. I ask you, as a reader here, how many times would you force a cream on your child’s skin, ignoring their cries and screams and begging before you felt like a torturer and heartless monster. Couple that with the explanations you have to give to the Doctor afterwards when you bring him in with blood dripping from his arms and legs from him trying to take the offending cream off.

Well, I will no longer do that!

I suppose the main thoughts I would like to bring out of this blog is,

I am always very open to suggestions of creams and associated products,

I will take information on board and try to test an unknown to see if it works,

I may not say much in the shape of gratitude but I do appreciate the thought and concern gone into the approach in the first place,

Please, don’t make me try to remember and explain exactly why we could not continue with its use. It brings up memories I would be better served not to remember.

By the way, have you tried…….?

🙂 With Love and Support,

Tarja Kelly



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