Friday Morning

“Do you want a yellow bowl? Or I can wash you a blue one.” “I want a mummy spoon….” “I’m having a daddy spoon…” “Can you reach the weetbix for me?” “Who wants me to pour some milk?….” ” Can you help me with the sugar?” “WHICH CHANEL IS Ben Ten ON???” “Shhhhhh, Mummy’s asleep!”

I lay in my bed, eyes shut but wide awake, smiling to myself as I experienced, for the first time in 9 years, my children looking after each other without having to wake me first. Add to that the sound of cicadas and horses outside the window, the roar of the ocean not to be drowned out by the distant sound of cars on the main road and my Friday Morning was glorious.

For all the worries that lay ahead for us today, I had a blissful start and I had the energy to keep going.

When I did finally get up, I was greeted with the delighted squeals from the Twins and the “hey” from my 9yo. Master 7 ran and cuddled me as hard as he could.

“We was up so early mum!” he reported, ” I got the bowls but there was one dirty so Bas washed it for me, my hand hurts from scratching at night, but he washed it and helped me get the weetbix and opened the sugar and we was very quiet for you mum”

The other three agreed and added their own versions ” I was up first and I found the remote and I got to see bookoboo” “What? You saw it and didn’t wake me? I want to see it too, when is it on again?” Well, we will have to see if it is repeated in the middle of the day as so many shows are. “Mum, do you want the remote or can we watch more scoobydoo?”

Well, I would love to see the 8am news but as I got up just a little late, they would already be at the weather so I let them keep it on the shows they enjoy. Making myself a nice coffee (warm these days as my munchkins are old enough not to spill anymore) and sitting at the table, I go online and see which of my HED friends are there.

The kids are slowly getting into the groove of the day and I noticed I have spent the better half of two hours online. It is the days like this one where I realise, times can be tough and they will get tough again but these days here WILL prevail.

With love and support,

Tarja Kelly



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