What a difference 3 years make

My youngest boy came into this world feet first and running. He was a breach and I delivered him naturally, 11 minutes after his twin sister on the 19th of August. Two little Leo’s, oh my, that would go well with my mix of Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

He was born, pale and slightly blue as breach babies are not encouraged to breathe until they are totally out of the mother or they run a high risk of pneumonia and other yucky stuff. He had hardly any hair and despite being exactly one week early, he was wrinkly and dry.

Hmmmm. My mother senses tingling, I was trying everything in my power to say, he was not affected by Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (HED), but it was to be so different.

The second day in the Mothers ward, I had time to really look at both my babies. Forming the bond, counting fingers and toes, smelling their “fresh” baby beings. I was in baby heaven. There were differences of course, he was a boy, she was a girl, so totally obvious they were not identical.

She had black hair, he had, barely there, white hair. She was pink and chubby, he was pale and skinny. Her gums were flat and wide in a half arc around the bottom jaw, also around the top. His gums were almost sharp around the top jaw and had a huge dip down in the bottom jaw, at both cheeks. He also has no nipple colour….. My baby boy was identical to his older brothers, he has HED.

This time round it was different. I asked the nurse to find the pediatrician and he came right away, I explained to him why I thought my boy had HED and he nodded and listened as well as asked many questions. He WANTED to learn! He agreed with me that “yes, this child has HED” and then went to fill in the paperwork we would need for Centerlink (the Australian Government run agency for Family Assistance, Pensions, etc.) and he also encouraged Midwives to come and see and learn as well. I felt totally supported and never questioned in a harsh way as to why baby is sleeping without a blanket or why I won’t swaddle him. Such a difference to when I had my first baby and had no idea.

I was supported with my first, but I always had the underlying “first-time mother, what would she know ” feeling all around. This time it was, “fourth-time round mother, I think she has a clue”.

My “baby” is on the doorstep of 5 years old now. He has just been to the Dentist and proudly presented his Orbital X-Ray to her. He will have several adult teeth both in the upper and lower jaw and he even surprized her by having one of his top incisors already coming through. There is a wonderful tip showing and it is an Adult tooth! We are very excited!

He is still plagued by eczema and his inner workings hurt so much when he is processing food but he is a sprightly 4/11 monther and nothing holds him down for long. Having two older brothers who are the same, he is so supported within the family, he does not see himself as strange, he sees the other boys in the world as odd. And, he is still hitting the floor running.

With Love & Support,

Tarja Kelly



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