I am almost 5 and my twin brother has Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

My daughter is not affected by HED as far as we know. She usually talks a leg off a table but tonight she was very coy.

Below are the answers she gave me to some questions about her brother. The answers are straight text and the questions are in italics.

What do you know about your brother, how do you look out for him?

He’s my twin brother. I look out for him if he falls off something.

Do you know when he gets too hot?

Yes, I tell’d my teacher.

What would happen if he gets too hot?

He gets sick. He scratches his skin and he bleeds.

What do you think about his teeth?

His teeth are growing and he has shark teeth and pointy.

Do you have pointy teeth?

No, my other brothers have pointy teeth and not me.

What don’t you like?

I don’t like him scratching  his skin 😦 it makes me sad

What do you like?

I like he’s my brother and I like all of my brothers.

As this one is very short, I will be asking my middle son to answer some questions tonight in a separate blog.

I hope you enjoyed this little window into a sibling’s views.

With Love & support,

Tarja Kelly


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