The weather is right, the sun is past midday…why not go to the beach for a spell? We will need at least two bags. I send one of the boys to fetch 6 towels. Amend the bags to three now.

Have we got the artificial tears? Check

Have we got the antihistamine? Check

Both the chewy and liquid version of Panadol? Check

Both Epi-pens? Check

Where is the cream? Where is the extra bandage? Have we got Melanin in case he’s bleeding? What about the water spray bottles? Check times 4

Extra water bottles? Check

A snack or two, sunscreen, insect spray, swimmers, toys, kite….? Check.

Right kids, shirts on, shoes on (my 3 Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Kids rarely wear shirts I have noticed).

Hop into the car. Seatbelts on, lets go.

Sun is half way to the horizon now…. One hour of fun at the beach? CHECK

With Love & Support

Tarja Kelly



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