A new mother brings her baby home and finds herself in a hive of activity for the first few weeks. Everyone wants to see the baby, everyone helps out (parents especially) and many call in just to show support.

As mother and child bond and the early childhood visits become routine, something else starts to happen. I like to call it “Milestone Syndrome”.

A mother starts to really read the book where the baby’s first’s are recorded…

First smile = 3 weeks (could have been wind though)

First holds a rattle = 10 weeks

Laughs = 12 weeks

Rolls over, sits alone, is shy with strangers, babbles, first tooth, waves good bye….OH MY…Is my baby normal????

We faithfully recorded every milestone for our first-born until we waited for the first tooth. And we waited, waited and waited some more. I let the book gather dust and never really started the second born’s book because we were stuck on the first tooth.

When this tooth arrived, he was 15 months old. Our second son was 1 month old, so it really didn’t seem that much not to record all of the milestones anymore. He had done most of it already, granted, the smile could have been wind.

There were many more milestones to come and achieve but our lives had taken a dramatic turn with the diagnosis of Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. We were now on a completely different page to most parents and our milestones were counted in teeth and hair instead.

First tooth = 15 months

second tooth = 2 years

third tooth = 3 years

First Hair cut = 4 years

and so it went on.

But, do you want to know the best and biggest milestone our son reached?

It was the day we were parked at a garage, waiting for daddy to come back to the car. He was sitting in the back, all of his 3 years old when he announced in a strong clear voice:

“Mummy, I’m hot, can I have the water spray!”

With Love & support,

Tarja Kelly



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