The first hair cut

I gave birth to a bald baby. I didn’t know that there was any other kind of baby until I saw the others in the neonatal unit with deep black hair.

Strange little hairy creatures I thought, babies are supposed to be bald. Like, c’mon, all my baby-doll babies were bald.

Well, as time went by, my baby grew. He learned to crawl, climb and run. Anyone with a “new” walker knows they don’t walk, they run. I think it has something to do with balance, like how you ride a bike fast so you can let go of the handles.

His hair on the other hand didn’t grow as fast as him. It was short, wispy and white. Many would ask if he was bald and it really started to irritate me having to answer “no, he isn’t” over and over again.

Then one day it happened, his hair was down over his ears. It was long! Long enough to be cut.

Yay! Prepare Daddy, he was going to show it doesn’t hurt by being done first 🙂

We sat Dad down on the chair and wrapped the towel to catch the cut hair around his shoulders. Rrrrrr, rrrrrrr went the clippers as the hair fell around his feet. Yay, yay, clapped our boy as he watched it go.

“My turn now” he clambered onto the chair. I wrapped the towel around his shoulders and showed him how the clippers buzz when I touch his head.

I made the first pass and he giggled that it tickles. I checked for fallen hair and there was none. “Honey, can you come here and help” I asked my hubby to hold the shoulders as I did another pass with the clippers. Strange, again there was no hair.

The clippers were brushing his hair not cutting as we intended. We checked the blades, we swapped guides and almost went to the shortest there was and no joy. Every single pass with the clippers yielded no hair.

The next day we took our little man to the barbers for the very first time. She had to use the scissors as her clippers did not cut his hair either. He was 3 years old when he had his first hair cut. Now aged 8, he has had possibly six haircuts in his entire life.

Tonight I cut his hair, with clippers…almost.

With love and support,

Tarja Kelly


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  1. 1 Heather James 09/05/2010 at 10:10 pm

    well written Tarja!

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