A little treat

I stumbled across an old diary from before I had four children. As I was reading it, a page took my interest and I felt it would be nice to share it with you.

Saturday 8th of June 2002

This little baby I am expecting must be a girl, I am very close to being sick a lot of the time and pure will power has kept it at bay. My Boy is growing in leaps and bounds. Now he is pulling himself up on 54cm coffee tables and the fridge where he fishes for any magnet his little fingers can reach.

He builds empty boxes up on top of each other and he has finally learned to put one hand down on the ground before he let’s go with the other one. Usually he would just let go with both hands at once.

We have established a pattern again, 7am or 8am he wakes up and has some milk and fruit mush. About 10 am he goes down for a two-hour nap with a bottle and then again at 3 -4 pm, another nap with bottle. Then, between 6.30 and 8pm he is down for the night.

I am dying to tell mum and dad about the new baby but hubby is absolutely insisting I wait until we are there. How am I meant to hold a normal conversation with them until then without feeling that I am lying? Hubby has worked three nights in a row now and he has two nights to work on Sunday and Monday.

I took my boy to the shops to get milk and bread and a soft drink for hubby and later in the afternoon I took him to the swings for a while and the slippery dip.

We sat on the swing for a long time just cuddling and swinging which makes me wish we had one in the garage just for us.

I love having this memory now. There was a time between the angst and the worry that was just “normal”  once. I hope you all have memories like this in your hearts. They are precious.

With love & support,

Tarja Kelly


2 Responses to “A little treat”

  1. 1 Bonnie 16/04/2010 at 6:15 pm

    What a beautiful blog. I’m so glad you are reaching out to others with HED in the family, by sharing in such meaningful and generous ways.

    • 2 tarjakelly 16/04/2010 at 8:25 pm

      Thank you Bonnie, The sharing and educating came about when I was wondering how to stay happy, I had a look around and observed an awful lot of people and I found that the happy ones seemed to be the people who would explain a condition instead of keeping it quiet. Now this is entirely my own personal observations,not proven by any means!
      More often than not, I noticed the people who kept the things quiet and hidden, started to seem resentful to the outside world and almost angry that nobody understands. Where, the people who did open up and educate others, seemed to smile a lot more and be at ease even when the whole world seemed too difficult. So I took the path of education. I want my children to feel they are exciting and new, not a shame and need to be hidden.
      Thank you for your lovely feedback.

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