Time for some Giggles

This blog will be a little different as it will contain several fun things which I have observed with my boys and daughter. Where I don’t know they are only done by HED affected kids or not, I maintain that they are none the less funny.

“What the…?”

We had just brought our twins home after a longer shopping trip and as I picked up my screaming little bundle of girl, I felt she was wet. Very wet actually, I got concerned. Looking at her nappy first I saw it was empty. “How did you wee past your nappy?” I smiled at her, and then I saw her hair was wet too. How did it get up there? Well, when I finally figured out that it was sweat, I nearly dropped her. Sweat on a baby, how odd. I had never had a sweaty baby before and I thought I knew a lot about babies.

“The Ant Hole.”

My husband has a small collection of gadgets and doodads in a corner of the house we call the Oubliette. Naturally, the kids know they are not allowed to touch without asking, so when Number 4 son ever so sweetly asked for a go of daddy’s little drill, he got a yes. When the older boys have the little drill, they pretend to be fast draw McCaw or some fiend like this, not little 4 though. He didn’t do any of that, in fact we never heard the drill whine to life the whole time he had it.

He returned it with a smile and daddy put it away. End of story….I think not. About two weeks later, I found a neat little hole, about 6 inches off the ground. It was perfect and round and I thought there had been a running with pencil incident. When the troops were lined up and asked who done it, I got the same as always “I don’t know” and “wasn’t me” My two other children who only live with us when there is strife 😉

Wasn’t till all the fuss died down that my littlest man came to me and said “I’s done it mummy, i’s making a house for the ants to live in”…

“The strange kid”

Number one son came home from school and said to us “Mum, this was so weird, a boy touched me today, then he took my hat off my head and wet it and put it back on my head and walked away. How did he know I was hot?”  Love it when the message is picked up by children at school 🙂 

“Mysterious Vandal”

We have a very colourful house, I like colour and the walls reflect that. We have warm yellow walls, purple skirting and architraves and where we have the half wall, the top of it is fire engine red. When I came in one day to a silent room, I looked around to see what trouble they had gotten into this time. I know from past experience that silent children are trouble… There were textas lying on the floor, no lids and no paper. There was a spotless child sitting with the textas smiling.  I thought it was odd that he was smiling that he took all the lids off the textas so I helped him put them back on and distracted him with another game.

It wasn’t till I had a closer look at where he was sitting that I discovered the yellow texta all over the yellow wall, the purple texta streaking along the skirting and a bit of red texta to top it all off on the red top. My sister coined the phrase Autistic Vandalism from this story.

can't see a mark, can you 🙂

So this is it, short but sweet, I do have many more but I am saving them up for later.

With love & support,

Tarja Kelly



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