Ugh, smelly

There comes a day in life when Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia rears its smelly head. And that is a day where all concept of odd, goes out the window to be re-classified by the parents.

It all started with an odd smell emanating from baby. Well, nappy needs a change, of course. After thorough inspection of the suspect, it was established that the smell was not coming from there.

Baby must have passed wind, all is well with the world 🙂 But wait, the smell is still here…It seems to be following us along with baby. Curious and curiouser?

What we knew was that our boy had gotten a bit warm that day, he had been unsettled and his nose was a little blocked. What we found out after doing the all over sniff (yes, sometimes you have to resort to a detailed sniff of baby) the strange, rather offensive smell was emanating from the mouth, nose and ears. It is quite indescribable, that smell, and when it is really bad I would rather be somewhere else. 

That fact alone is a bad feeling for a mother. How can she not like the smell of her own baby? 

We have since learned that the mucous and ear wax have smells according to how distressed the body got on any day. For instance, long hot day and insufficient water intake = sickly sweet honey smell from the mouth. That is the smell of enzymes cooking inside them, not good.

Long hot day and impending infection and the nose will start to smell very bad. Apologies for being graphic but the smell can range from “bad breath” to “rotten carcase” according to how sick the child is. Colour of boogies also are an indicator, but I won’t go there today.

The ear wax will start to smell if it is infected too. That has happened but thankfully not too often. We use a magic potion called Coloxyl in the ears and it melts the wax overnight.

I can see you scratching your heads right now 🙂 Coloxyl drops are for ingestion and are commonly used for softening baby’s stool. Well, they may not have an effect on the poo but they are sure fantastic and safe for the removal of wax out of ears. Try it, you will be amazed.

The mucous living in the mouth has incredible health indicators too. Here’s an experiment for all of you.

Take some milk. Pour it into a glass, give it to your child when he is feeling unwell and get them to take a good drink from it (only if there has been no vomiting mind you) ! Don’t finish the drink. Leave at least a quarter of it in the glass.

Now, let it be for the night. Just on the kitchen bench is fine.

When you come back in the morning and the milk has separated, your child is truly ill and not faking it so they can stay home from school.

This works best if there is backwash into the glass when they take a drink. I don’t know how or why but there is something in their mouth which will separate milk when they are sick.

Sadly, not everyone can handle the explanation of “It’s from the mouth/nose and has NOTHING to do with hygiene or lack there of” , and so it comes to pass that every now and again we have to explain the whole ugly topic to someone who only want’s “what is best for the kids”.

The message, if it is sweet and weird, give the child a good cool drink of water, stand back and be amazed. The smell will go away!

With love & support

Tarja Kelly


2 Responses to “Ugh, smelly”

  1. 1 Elizabeth Oliver 02/04/2010 at 4:07 pm

    One of the very worst parts of my son’s ED is his blocked extreemly smellly nose. He is 11 yrs old & has to be reminded to clean it out every day. He does this by filling the bathreoom sink with water & sticking his heade in it. He then procedes to ‘sniff & blow’ til the ‘block’ loosens & then he can shoot it out his nose. (This can be facilitated by looking into a sourcxe of bright light, as he has light apnoea, causing him to sneeeze, & the ‘block’ (snot) shoots out. He hates to do it, but is so much more functional once he has done it daily.


    • 2 tarjakelly 02/04/2010 at 4:20 pm

      Oh Elizabeth, He must hate doing this as much as my boys do. We used something called “Fess Sinu Cleanse” once but it was horrendus for them as well as my husband who had to do it due to my weak stomach at that time. Basically a squirt bottle with special congestion clearing stuff in it. Mixed with water and “shot” up one nostril only to be squirted out the other. I can totally understand mine now want to do it their own way. Thank you for your feedback, I will let my 8 year old know he can do it in a sink too.

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