Well, what do you feed them?

What do I feed my kids…that one is my biggest belly ache. I need to tell you first, what they can’t eat. The food which has been directly linked to eczema outbreaks of Ben Hur proportions. The food, if they eat some, it will kill them.

So here you go.

Food which will kill two of my kids;



and Soy 

The food which will result in eczema;  Tomato, Potato, Oranges, Pork, Fruit (all of it except for peeled Pear), Jam (jelly for America) and a whole host of spices and flavourings. 

Not too bad, I can cope with this…It is when the kids add their “I don’t likes” that food becomes tricky.   

When my youngest was first being fed, he had allergies to even Milk, Soy and pretty much everything else, so his diet consisted of Neocate. He even reacted to it. We had to thicken it to a syrup so he could keep it down. 

Well, normally you would start to introduce food and textures to a baby around 6-7 months? Number 4 managed to squeeze this out till he turned 1 1/2. Even now at 4 1/2 he is loath to try “new” food which I know he is not allergic to. We had a celebration not two weeks ago when he sat at the table and declared ” I like Rice now Mummy!” What a relief, now I don’t have to cook spiral pasta for every meal anymore. 

We have a local Pizza shop which does designer pizzas for us on a Thursday, no sauce on a plain base with cheese topping. Two others without sauce of any kind, a couple of “safe” toppings and cheese, and a meat-o-saurus for the three who can eat anything. As you might believe, Thursdays are pretty special in our house. 

My “thing” with this food business, it seems to have become a slight obsession with “others”. Are the kids malnourished? Do they eat enough? What about the vital vitamines and metals? What about…..what if….who cares! 

Really, I work hard to put a nutritious meal on the table. I know by feel, how much each child eats of what and how many good things are in it. I give the poor eaters vitamines and I slip them a special milk shake every night with Sustagen in it, all the extra stuff they may not get in their food intake. 

I don’t feed them Chips, Lollies, Chocolate Bars, Burgers, Fried Fast-food Chicken, well, you get the idea. My shopping trolley has hardly any products from the Lolly, Soft-drink and Chips aisles in it. Even the ice cream is a special treat. Sure they get to eat it, but s o m e t i m e s , not every day. 

The crowning glory of our food worries; My oldest boy has 8 teeth, my middle boy has 9 teeth and the youngest has 8 teeth. How about a steak and three veg? Not likely unless it is cut awfully small. 

My kids have never gone hungry, my kids have never had to use the epi-pen, my kids are growing and smart. Leave the food issues to me, don’t try to tell me I am doing the wrong thing. 

One day they will listen, I am sure. I already have the important people with me and supporting what I do and how I do it. The others, well, just get to know me before you cast judgement, please. 

with love & support 

Tarja Kelly

the pointy smile


2 Responses to “Well, what do you feed them?”

  1. 1 Michele 28/03/2010 at 8:58 pm

    None of them have HAD to use an epi-pen, but one HAS, right? 😉

    • 2 tarjakelly 28/03/2010 at 9:17 pm

      Yes, one has used an epi-pen. Was quite an experience for all involved and he will not be doing it again by accident for sure 🙂 I’ll have to do a blog on the effects of adrenalin on a body who doesn’t really need more, next. Thank you for the idea

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