When will his teeth come?

I used to go to a first mothers group. We were a fine bunch of first time mums who all had a new baby in common. Oh what fun it was to see the little bubs growing every week, reaching milestones and generally being “perfect” babies in every way.

We would spend our two hours together, chatting about this and that. How is baby feeding? Why won’t she sleep on her back, why won’t he cry when he’s hungry? All the worries a new mum has were discussed and resolved with this click of women and it was grand to be a part of it.

Even there I slowly noticed that I could not tell them everything. I was not a “normal” mother and I could feel it. My newborn slept so much better when he was naked, wearing nothing but his ittybitty nappy. What kind of a monster was I to do this to my boy? What kind of an ignorant mother wouldn’t swaddle their newborn?  I kept quiet about that. Already I did not fit into the group anymore.

I battled on, I wanted to belong so I chose my stories carefully and wisely. Yes, I still belonged.

Then one day, the first signs of teeth were cropping up all around the room. Drool and whines spread like a disease through the group and there, in amongst it all, sat my boy, totally immune. Four months old and a mom would burst into the room “I found the first tooth!” I thought to myself, its early days yet, he will get one next month.

Well, as the months dragged on and no teeth came, it was soon evident to every sleep deprived mother that we were different. We would bounce in happy and refreshed after a semi decent sleep every group morning, while the other mothers crawled in wearily pushing baby in its pram.

I stopped going when the other babies sprouted teeth 5 and 6. I no longer had anything in common with that life’s path.

My husband and I did the crazy tooth dance when our boy turned 14 months old!

This was also the month our son was diagnosed. Pointy incisor = Ectodermal Dysplasia, type to be determined by other signs and symptoms.

With love & support

Tarja Kelly



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